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  1. Formatt-Hitech Night filter

    Date 21 May 2019
    A month ago I went to the Formatt Hitech Filters factory in Wales for a meeting and they also gave me this amazing filter to have a play with and feedback my thoughts good or bad. At the time it was still un-named and also the 1st one from the…

  2. Formatt Hitech 77mm Multistop ND Filter

    Date 07 May 2019
    When I was given this I did not know exactly how much use I would have for it in my landscape work, but I knew I would be giving it a go and I would 100% be using it for when filming some of my moving image pieces for projects. …

  3. My precious​ space

    Date 18 Mar 2019
    I will try and keep this post short and to the point, this is not a rant, rather just an observation that hopefully opens up some discussion and makes people think I have been listening to a lot of photography podcasts over the last 4-5 months, shocking I know! I…

  4. In the bag

    Date 12 Mar 2019
    A few things I keep getting asked is what do I have in my bag, what bits do you recommend, what works best for this or that. So I have created this what’s in my bag page for you all. I have placed a hyperlink for you to get the…

  5. Firecrest Pro ND Grad Filters

    Date 08 Dec 2018
    Here we are with another of my hard to read blogs/reviews or whatever you like to call it. As always sorry about the poor grammar etc etc etc It was great to receive an email just after I had got back from a lovely trip around Wales and then the…

  6. Grain Tower Battery - Kent

    Date 09 Jul 2018
    Grain tower battery What can I say about this location… One I have wanted to get to for a fair while… So my wife had theatre tickets and myself and 2 mates decided to drive down to come and have a look as the tides looked in our favour time…

  7. What filters do I use

    Date 27 Feb 2018
    What are these landscape filters all about and why would I go out and spend a load of cash kitting myself out with some? Let me start this with a bit of a journey in my own photography equipment purchases and how I got to writing this today, so bear…

  8. 244 Days with the Fuji X-T2

    Date 22 Jun 2017
    During this review, I will talk about the Fuji x-t2  and show plenty of images I have shot If you told me this time last year I would no longer be lumping around my 21kg camera bag full of Canon gear, I would have most likely have laughed at you. Thanks to…

  9. Bawburgh R4 ROTOR Bunker / RGHQ.

    Date 01 Jan 2016
    There is always a site that you pop back to over the years, you know….. That site that is around the corner from your house that you visit 3-23 times a year to see if it is open… BUT IT IS NOT. In fact, as the years pass it starts to…