Dibs, an acclaimed photographer and filmmaker based in Norfolk, UK, is renowned for expertly capturing the diverse landscapes of the UK. His artistic interests encompass landscapes, seascapes, architecture, decay, and historical narratives portrayed through captivating imagery. Dibs takes pride in challenging perceptions of deteriorating objects coexisting within the landscape, showcasing his keen eye for detail and profound environmental understanding, especially focused on the UK coastline.

Utilizing advanced techniques such as long-exposure photography, light painting, and a unique blend of ambient and artificial light, Dibs crafts compelling images that resonate with viewers. As a dedicated ambassador for Formatt-Hitech filters, he frequently incorporates long exposures, infusing his work with a surreal and ethereal ambience highlighted by vibrant colours and pin-sharp details. Collaborating with renowned global brands in the photography industry further underscores his commitment to excellence in his craft.

Dibs' work has gained international recognition, featured prominently in numerous exhibitions, worldwide newspapers and magazine articles, and book covers and earned multiple awards. Beyond his accomplishments as a photographer, he serves as an experienced photography tutor and workshop leader. Having organized and designed over 450 workshops for various entities, including companies, schools, colleges, and universities by 2022, Dibs passionately shares his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Represented by Millennium Images and Loop Images Agencies in London, Dibs' artwork is conveniently available for direct purchase through these agencies or can be licensed directly from him for commercial use. His unwavering commitment to his craft is evident in the significant time he dedicates to personal projects and the generous sharing of his skills with others 

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