Spread Oak Chapel and scrap cars

After many years of not exploring, I have decided it is time to go back to where I learnt most about photography back in the days when I got my 1st camera. Rummaging around in the old buildings and all that sort of stuff is something I love, so expect to see plenty more of this in the future.

So here is my 1st adventure out in a  long time on what was a gorgeous early morning explore with pummels of light breaking through the woods and the windows of this gorgeous building.

In the middle of Norfolk is a woodland that was purchased by a guy called Paul Hoda’c who had to leave Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and move to England during WWII.

Through a series of events and his love of the quiet life and woodland, he purchased a 10-acre plot of Norfolk woodland called Spread Oak Wood between Longham and Bittering, near Dereham.
Through his hard work, the shrine opened in 1983.

There is plenty more information on this site on various blogs such as the one I referenced