Winterton On Sea, Norfolk. Sand Dunes, a documentation of the unique location.

Winterton is a mecca for landscape photographers, dog walkers and the more relaxed family day out.

This unique area of the UK has been marked as a Special Area of Conservation and also an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty.

People visit the area to admire its rare Grasses that make up the dunes. Its shifting sands and heathland that is home to masses of wildlife and windswept trees.

I come here to think and have a time where I do not get disturbed by life. It as a time to relax. I often find myself spending wandering for hours just following my dog and her nose. Constantly stopping off to photograph the peculiarly shaped trees or interesting shaped sand dunes as I find them. I find this time is amazing for clearing my mind and creating work, often not seeing or having any human interaction for the time I spend walking. This is something that reminds me of my youth and walking in the highlands of Scotland, just a little bit flatter though.

I have decided to document the area in 2 different ways. Firstly by looking at the paths and shapes and how these make on the landscapes. Once you start to look closely you can see the so-called desire paths that are formed in this process. Secondly, I shall also look into how the landscapes look after dark. Once the sun has dropped below the horizon, I then add a subtle amount of light to let you see what I think you should see within this landscape.

The plans for the future are to find more interesting places local to me. Places that are just as amazing to be documenting in this relaxing way. I have discovered this is a time when work is not forced but just subconsciously produced