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Norwich Cathedral shelter

This report may be a bit boring for some, but others who like to see a bit of the different stuff you will be nicely pleased. 

The tunnels of Norwich are a well-documented thing, so much so that everybody in the city knows about the usual 2 that have been done to death. 

So myself and my mates have always been busy looking around the city for months and months, lifting drain covers all over the place, looking in woodland and chasing up all kinds of stories and potential leads, reading online blogs about this that and the other, and a few months ago I came across an article written saying about the Norwich central air-raid shelter. 

Well fast forward a month later and knowing a shelter or tunnel was located in a general area and a photo of a celebrity popping up on her Instagram climbing down a manhole, I knew exactly where to go looking, but we checked out loads of other bits and pieces around the site as well as we wanted to eliminate anything else, as Norwich is supposed to be made on top of a mass of tunnels.
Once we got inside we then saw just how big the site place was. 

I would say that the overall distance the tunnels spanned over would have been approx 300 meters and had around 6 toilet blocks in them, so all in they would have been able to accommodate a lot of people. we found 2 entrances that have since been covered up and paved over, so people every day will walk all over it none the wiser to the tunnel network they were walking all over. 

Some 30 minutes later, rather hot as it was very warm down there we popped our heads back up to ground level very happy with starting to see some of the results of relentless searching. 

Now to locate the next two I have come across this week.