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In the bag

A few things I keep getting asked is what do I have in my bag, what bits do you recommend, what works best for this or that. So I have created this what’s in my bag page for you all. I have placed a hyperlink for you to get the items from a reputable retailer so you know you are getting genuine stock. 

So what is in the bag?

1 - Lowepro Whistler 450 BP AW II Backpack. This is by far the comfiest camera bag I have used. As you can see from it gets covered in mud and all sorts, It just washes off, it is also extremely weather-resistant and stands up to being knocked about

2 - Rode VideoMicro. Compact yet great quality shotgun microphone with a dead cat to put out all wind noise also works on my X-T2 camera body

3 - GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter. To power my Rode mic on the GoPro to give the best audio quality.

4 - GoPro HERO7 Black. For all my blogging work and just general fun camera to have.

5 - Screwgate Carabiner. This is my lucky carabiner, I had a big fall on it when climbing in Scotland, so I have always kept a hold of it. I hang my bag of my tripod via a bit of paracord, great when on muddy terrain to keep it clean or when it is really windy to weigh down the camera bag.

6 -Fujinon XF Telephoto 50-140mm f/2.. Longer reach lens for those tighter compositions

7 - Fujifilm NP-W126S Rechargeable Battery. Spare batteries are a must for the camera when you are out all day or for the weekend.

8 - Lens cleaning fluid and cloth. Self-explanatory. But the cloth is a chamois type so it absorbs any moister of the filter or lens as I am often out in the cold so need to be able to get the glass nice and clean

9 - Ledlensor P7 torch. Very bright but a compact torch. It has an amazing battery life and is shock and waterproof.

10 - Formatt Hitech 100mm Aluminium filter holder. This is for allowing me to use my filters on the camera, it takes the 100mnm wide glass type and has a 105mm polarising filter adapter ring on the front. I have used this for years and it is still like new, so I refuse to stop using it. It is big and chunky, so great when working with gloves on.

11 - https://www.formatt-hitech.com/hardware/wide-angle-adapter-for-100mm-aluminium-holderFormatt Hitech 100mm adapter rings. These are to use with the filter holder and I have them in the sizes for all my lens 72 and 77mm. They are all the wide-angle version to eliminate any vignette.

12 - Basic amazon Speedlight with no TTL. I shoot flash manually and my gear if not weatherproof gets trashed, so I opted for this light for around £60 and it has lasted very well. Great for the odd event I shoot or for illuminating landscapes

13 - Spare batteries for the torch.

14 - Matin Hurricane Blower. Essential for when out and about to get rid of that pesky bit of gunk from the sensor, or for just cleaning the dust off the lens and filters at the end of the day.

15 - Dry Sacks. Really handy for keeping those important electrics dry, plus the larger red ones fits my camera, so handy for keeping it dry and not having to pack away if it is torrential short showers

16 - Spare 16gb memory cards. I have a tray full of these as I am forever mislaying them, but I try and keep 4 spares in the bag so I am never without

17 - Remote shutter release for shooting long exposures or time-lapse work

18 - A few of my business cards

19 - Fujifilm XT2. My camera system of choice as it light and produces amazing details.

20. FujiFilm 10-24mm lens, my wide-angle lens, this was the 1st lens I purchased when I moved over to Fujifilm in September 2016

21 - Lens caps for all my lens

22 - Fujifilm 16-55mm lens. My most used lens as it offers nice and wide and a good bit of reach as well, oh and the f/2.8 is a bit nice on it too.

23 - First aid kit, with icepacks and bandages and space blankets, its more geared up for being outdoors than an office one due to the normal environment I am in and running workshops.

24 - Formatt-Hitech 2 stop soft grad filter. For minimal sky adjustments

25 - Formatt-Hitech 3 stop soft grad filter. For more noticeable and brighter days sky adjustments

26 - Formatt-Hitech 4 stop soft grad filter. For minimal sky adjustments

27 - Formatt Hitech Reverse grad for shooting sunset and sunrises

28 - Formatt Hitech Firecrest 6 stop ND filter. For sunrise and sunset long exposure work

29 - Formatt Hitech Firecrest 10 stop ND filter For lower light, ie an hour after sunrise so you can do long exposure, or during the day wt water to allow you a 2-4 second exposure

30 - Formatt Hitech Firecrest 13 stop ND filter… For your more traditional moving clouds shots during the day

31 - Formatt Hitech 16 stop ND filter. For on very bright days to allow you a 2-4 min minimum exposure

32 - Formatt Hitech Firecrest Circular Polarizer filter

33 - Length of Paracord. I always carry this its handy for many things, new lace, tying down tripods, or whatever you need.

34 - Protective Frame Mount Housing Case Cover for GoPro Hero 7. This allows me to have a hot shoe on top of the GoPro so I can use my Rode Mic allowing for far superior sound quality

35 - Extendable grip stick for the GoPro, So I can get a bit extra reach for when out walking to give you a better view of what I am seeing

36 - Filter Holder Pouch.

37 - 3 legged thing Iggy. For holding the GoPro and my mobile phone in place for some Behind the scene shots, a very sturdy bit of kit that is always in the bag

38 - Slik PRO CF-635 Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod. Lightweight but as stable as they come, no issues with shotoing 2 min long exposures in all the UK’s seasons

39 - Slik PBH-635AS Ball Head. Smooth, compact and lightweight. Great for when you go hiking