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Formatt-Hitech Night filter

A month ago I went to the Formatt Hitech Filters factory in Wales for a meeting and they also gave me this amazing filter to have a play with and feedback my thoughts good or bad. At the time it was still un-named and also the 1st one from the production/prototype line, I was very worried in case I dropped it.  It is the new range of light pollution filter for Night-time/Asto photography; it is designed so that it cuts out certain wavelengths of light, giving you a far clearer image of the sky at night in areas suffering from light pollution.

I know I don’t shoot much Astro, but I do shoot a fair bit of night cityscapes and all I can say is, wowzers this thing really gives your images such a punch by removing those ghastly orange/yellow hues from the sodium street lights. I have been out shooting with it 3 times now and each time I have just been amazed at the difference it made

I will get a blog popped up in the next few days but for now, here are a few images so you can see what the filter will do. The side by side comparison shot had the white balance setting from the exact same spot on the window frame of the 15th Centaury Pulls ferry on the river Wensum in Norwich

There will be a full report coming soon with more images from around Norfolk.

You can now pick up the filter from the Formatt-Hitech website, remember to use my DIBSM10 for your 10% discount on the filter as well.