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Formatt Hitech 77mm Multistop ND Filter

When I was given this I did not know exactly how much use I would have for it in my landscape work, but I knew I would be giving it a go and I would 100% be using it for when filming some of my moving image pieces for projects. 

I have a full set of filters I use, a holder and most of the slot in 100mm filters they make, but this little bit of kit that comes in at £159, but don’t forget my 10% DIBSM10 code at the checkout.

What use is this filter though? 

Well, I can see me taking it on holiday with me when space is at a premium and scoring browny points with my wife for not taking all my photography gear.

Joking aside though, sometimes I do like to travel light and just walk up the beach with the dog and 6 stops is a perfect about of ND effect for the work I do for that, shooting a sea defence at sunset you will easily get a 30 seconds exposure or during the day 1-3 seconds can be done, something I am now looking forward to doing over the summer months. Or as the sun has started to go down, open up the filter for 3 stops and effect and shoot with that. A dull day in the city, you can start to blur people out of the shot. Shooting candid family portraits with the f/2.8 lens in the highs of summer is going to be great too.

Formatt Hitech 77mm Multistop ND FilterFormatt Hitech 77mm Multistop ND Filter

I used the filter in the Forest of Dean a few days after I got it, I shot 2 images one after another, one with my usual filter setup how I would have approached the shot and one with the  

Formatt Hitech 77mm Multistop ND Filter attached and I have to say I very impressed with how it held up against the full filter setup.

The camera moved a bit while swapping the filters around as I was balancing on moss covered rocks and not wanting to get wet, so was paying a  little more attention to that, but you can see the vibrancy of the colours is still present, the detail is still 100% the same on both filters.

When I was hooting this scene at about 2 hours after sunrise I was getting a variety of between 1 and 25 seconds difference in exposures with it, all from 2 bits of glass that rotate, that is just ideal, these filters are designed for this type of practicality and it now nice to have one on the market that does not cast a colour and also spreads light out evenly as well.

So all in I am happy to have this filter as a little travel companion, I have even gone out and got myself a Step up ring so I can use it on my wider lens and also people can have a play with it on workshops as well as I think it will be a great bit of kit to have in the bag.